Open letter to all current members

The following proposed rules are the result of much discussion by the Bench rest committee in an endeavor to provide a National set of rules for TRA members. Our thanks to the committee and all those who have assisted by providing input and debate.
The committee have decided to release the draft to all members, via the website and social media, to enable all to view and provide feedback/comment prior to submitting the draft to the Technical Committee and subsequently the Board for ratification.
Please note these changes do not impact on RBA/WRABF, which have their own specific rules.
Comment/feedback can be via this Facebook post or email direct to the TRA EO at who will distribute to the Bench rest committee members for consideration. Feedback will close on the 11th October 2017
See  the Proposed National Rules as at 1/9/2017. Please ignore references to the ISSF rules as these will be checked and adjusted following the ISSF review of rules later this year.