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The TRA Ltd Board of management congratultes those who have or are serving the sport in many ways.
Over the years, many people have excelled within the sport of rifle shooting. Some have achieved success and medals with their rifle talents, while others have given of their time and expertise in either administration, coaching or officiating to help the sport grow and flourish.

These pages help to acknowledge and applaud those people before the ravages of time erase all memory. With the passing of time some historical information may have fallen by the wayside, so if you have any information that will assist in further completing this information please contact; the TRA Ltd Executive Officer 

In 2010 TRA Inc. entered a new phase by moving to a company limited by guarantee, TRA Ltd, with an elected President and Board Members. To acknowledge this change, the Honour Board for Administration of course includes the TRA inc. former Officer Bearers..

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