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Europe Air Gun Team in Austria

Photo by Petr Kurka

Tori Rossiter and Alex Hoberg at the Meyton Cup Mixed Air event

Photo by Petr Kurka

Kata Kowplos Air RIfle Munich

Photo by Petr Kurka

Dane Sampson takes Gold in Munich

Photo by Petr Kurka

Dane by 0.3 a fantastic result

Photo by Petr Kurka

Emma Adams, Dane Sampson & National Coach Munich H&N Cup

Photo by Petr Kurka

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Target Rifle Australia

Target Rifle Australia Limited is the National Federation organisation responsible for State Member bodies in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and Western Australia for the Olympic and Paralympic sports of Small Bore and Air Rifle Shooting.

We are the source of all information related to Target Rifle Shooting. Visit our About page to learn more about the sports, check for upcoming events in our Event Calendar, see the results of shooting events in Results, learn about coaching in Small Bore Rifle and Air Rifle in all disciplines, keep up with the Target Rifle Shooting field in Media, and more. 

June 2019 edition of the TRA Magazine PDF | Online Version

Keep up with the latest news and posts.

CANCELLATION of 2020 TRA National Championships

Notice is hereby given that the 2020 Target Rifle Australia National Championships has been cancelled. The board of directors has made this reluctant decision based…

TRA National Championships 2020

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Libby Kosmala inducted into hall of fame

Twelve-time Paralympian Libby Kosmala Inducted into Hall of Fame

Twelve-time Paralympian in three different sports, Libby Kosmala was inducted into the South Australian Hall of Fame last Friday night. Libby has competed in many…

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Notice is hereby given that the 2020 Target Rifle Australia Interstate Postal Competitions have been cancelled.

The board of directors has made this reluctant decision based on information received from some member organisations as well as Federal, State and Local Governments concerning the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Given recent events including border closures, range closures and other measures currently being taken at this time and with no way of predicting how long these restrictions will last, the Board of Directors have no option other than cancelling the TRA interstate postal competitions in 2020.

The cancellation affects the following interstate postal competitions:

• Graham Lawler 10 Air Rifle Interstate Postal Competition
• Warren Potent 50m Prone Interstate Postal Competition
• TRA 3-Position Interstate Postal Competition
• TRA Junior 50m Prone Postal Series
• TRA 50m Bench Rest Postal Competition

As stated in previous correspondence, the situation that has arisen was unforeseen by Target Rifle Australia Ltd.

The health and well-being of Target Rifle Australia members, officials, volunteers, staff and all stakeholders is always Target Rifle Australia’s highest consideration when scheduling events in Australia and the decision to cancel the 2020 TRA Interstate Postal Competitions has been made with this in mind.

The Board of Directors of Target Rifle Australia extends its sincere apologies to all members intending to participate in the 2020 TRA Interstate Postal Competitions and thanks everyone for their understanding at this unprecedented and difficult time.
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A letter from our National Rifle Coach Petr Kurka which I thought was of interest to all and have permission to share.

Dear athletes,

I hope everyone is feeling OK, safe and gradually adapting to the new routine that comes from life with the COVID-19.

Firstly, I wanted to thank everyone for the huge effort which you put into your preparation for our selection events. It wasn’t easy to have a tough Europe Tour (for some of you) in January and go straight into important competitions such as the Trials, which we have successfully finished this weekend. The Performances, which most of you brought, were excellent. Many new Personal Records and New Australian Records were achieved, which shows
that your preparation is moving in the right direction. I am very proud of you.

Thank-you to all coaches, Shooting Australia staff and SASI, who have participated in your preparation and supported you throughout. Also, to all family members, who stayed with you and supported you under every circumstance. Last but not least, to our fantastic volunteers, who ran our competitions in Adelaide at the highest level, flawlessly, with impeccable organization.

Everyone is closely watching the situation with the virus pandemic (Covid-19), which is affecting every part of our Globe, and Australia is no exception. The situation is very unstable and unpredictable. It plays a different game with sport, where competitions, schedules and strict planning have us knowing what will happen years in advance.

You have probably seen over the past few months or weeks some big competitions from various sports were postponed or even fully called off. Unfortunately, at this stage it is the only option to keep athletes and staff healthy and help to reduce the virus spreading around the Globe. The priority for all continents, countries and for all people is to help as much as we can with this to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Yesterday’s news from the IOC indicates, that the Tokyo Olympic Games will probably be postponed somewhere in the middle of the year 2021. The AOC in their media release also have indicated that Australian athletes should prepare for a Tokyo Olympic Games in the northern summer of 2021!

I cannot deny that this announcement hit me hard and that I am disappointed, and certainly you were as well. Although, to be honest with you – I did expect it. You may feel that your preparation, in which you have spent many months and possibly years, suddenly lacks sense and goals.

It ‘s not like that.
Your preparation had a massive positive impact on your performance. Just because the year’s top sporting goal has been removed from our calendar does not mean that we become sceptical and sit back!
Quite the reverse!

It is very positive that IOC speaks about postponing and not about the cancellation of the Games. That gives each of us a chance to continue hard work and be better and stronger for the Games next year. I know that each of you have some reserves in your performance, and now is a good time to put some time into finding it, so that you can be better than the others and win.

This enforced change means we will have more time to spend in our preparation for the Games and I feel positive about this. I don’t want to say we wouldn’t have been ready for the Tokyo Olympic Games in July 2020. We were ready and would still be competitive in Tokyo in July 2020. But we have a few more talented athletes with amazing results, and the extra preparation and training time for the year will help us to be even better and much more
competitive. So, use the time that this unfortunate situation has given us, and act with a positive spirit.

Yes, we must prepare for this year’s season to be different. We will not have as many competitions as we think we need and we will not have the freedom for group training, at least over the next few months. But that doesn’t stop us. We have Scats and we know that dry training is one of the most important parts of training to improve your performance and certainty your shooting posture. And I think I am not mistaken when I say we have all the appetite for work and that our goal is to show the entire world, that we are able to reach any sporting goal, even if there isn’t hundreds of rifle athletes. Only two athletes per country may be competing at Games in every event, right??

I am convinced that the IOC during the next few weeks will make a crucial decision, which already our AOC correctly
predict. This might give us the answers too.

Now is the time for a reassessment of our priorities – time spent with family , and at least for next few weeks we will have the possibility to dedicate time to our health, to our body and to our spirituality. This will be a positive outcome for these days and certainly we will benefit from it.

My recommendation for the next few weeks is
• to have a bit of rest without your shooting equipment
• limit your social activity outside of your residence to a minimum
• observe the hygiene rules
• follow AUS / SA Covid-19 measures
• stay fit and do exercises
• stay in regular contact with SASI James to find the best ways to continue improving you balance, cardio
• watch Team App, Shooting Aus, ISSF, TRSA web site and your email regularly to be in the picture about any changes

I believe that when the situation around the pandemic Covid-19 calms down ( I guess it won’t just fade away fully for a long time), we will find that our views on sport are different, and that we like the new picture of our future in sport very much.

It will perhaps be nearer to the famous Pierre de Coubertin’s idea ( founder of the International Olympic Committee)

“The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle,
the essential thing is not conquered but to have fought well. ”

I hope you have a good rest, stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards
Petr – AUS Shooting / National Rifle Coach
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