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2023 Target Rifle Australia Online Competition Series

TRA Ltd is going to run the online series again this year. This year will be shot over 10 rounds on the dates detailed below.

In addition to the 2022 disciplines (50m Prone, 10m Air Rifle, 10m Supported Air Rifle, 50m Benchrest and 3 Position) we are adding the following disciplines this year: 10m Air Rifle for the Visual Impaired (Standing, Prone & Supported), 25m RBA, 50m RBA, 20m Prone, 20m Benchrest.

The competition will include an individual component and team component.

Team results are calculated as follows:

  1. The team score is the sum of 3 highest individual scores for the State in a given round.
  2. Points are only awarded to the 3 highest “complete” teams in the round. 3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd.
  3. A “complete” team is 3 individuals.
  4. If there is only one complete team in a given round no points are awarded.

Competition Dates

50m Prone, 10m Air Rifle, 10m Supported Air Rifle, 50m Benchrest, 10m Air Rifle for VI

Round                 Start Date                          End Date

1                            20 Feb 2023                      26 Feb 2023

2                            20 Mar 2023                     26 Mar 2023

3                            24 Apr 2023                      30 Apr 2023

4                            22 May 2023                    28 May 2023

5                            19 Jun 2023                     25 Jun 2023

6                            24 Jul 2023                       30 Jul 2023

7                            21 Aug 2023                     27 Aug 2023

8                            25 Sep 2023                     01 Oct 2023

9                            23 Oct 2023                      29 Oct 2023

10                         20 Nov 2023                     26 Nov 2023

Competition Dates

3 Position, 20m Prone, 20m Benchrest, 25m RBA, 50m RBA

Round                 Start Date                          End Date

1                            06 Feb 2023                      12 Feb 2023

2                            06 Mar 2023                     12 Mar 2023

3                            07 Apr 2023                      13 Apr 2023

4                            08 May 2023                    14 May 2023

5                            05 Jun 2023                     11 Jun 2023

6                            10 Jul 2023                       16 Jul 2023

7                            07 Aug 2023                     13 Aug 2023

8                            04 Sep 2023                     10 Sep 2023

9                            09 Oct 2023                      15 Oct 2023

10                         11 Nov 2023                     17 Nov 2023


  1. The matches for each round must be shot specified in the specified date window.
  2. Matches can be shot on any appropriate shooting range subject to other rules included in this document.
  3. Matches must be supervised/witnessed by an appropriate qualified person.
  4. The supervisor must enter scores into the scoring system by the due date & time. The scoring sheet will be open for input from 10:00am on start date until 21:00 on the end date of each round. After this window closes scores will be immediately available. All time are AEST/AEDT.
  5. Current ISSF and Australian Supplementary Rules apply.
  6. All targets and score print outs must have the shooters name, signature, and date shot written on them.
  7. All targets and score print outs must have the officials name and signature written on them.
  8. All targets and score print outs must be retained by the official until the conclusion of the series and results are finalised.
  9. All targets and score print outs may be inspected if requested by organisers.
  10. Matches can be shot using either electronic or paper targets. Entrants must choose one or the other when registering to compete.
  11. Matches shot electronic targets will use decimal scoring (except 3 Position). Matches shot on paper targets will use integer scoring. Note: Paper targets means paper targets. Integer scores from electronic targets will not be accepted. The reason for this is that paper targets need to be changed during a match, there are sighters at each change, spotting scopes, etc…, etc. Basically, it is different than shooting on an electronic target and we want to keep the playing field as level as possible.
  12. The overall series score for an individual will be the sum of their 3 highest scores across the 10 rounds.
  13. The teams score will be calculated using the top 3 scores in each State in each round. The States will be ranked with the highest scoring State receiving 6 points, second 5 points, etc… The overall winner will be the team with the highest total points over the series.
  14. Officials can also take part in the competition. However, they will require someone else to officiate and enter scores for them.
  15. Score from other competitions that fall within the match windows can be used for this competition also. So, if you’re shooting at National Champs, State Champs, Prize Meetings, etc. those scores can be used for this competition.

Website Registration Link:

Contact Information

If you have any questions please contact:

Name:   Neil Davis
Email     [email protected]

Author: TRA