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            T A R G E T   R I F L E   A U S T R A L I A   L T D
            W W W . T R A . O R G . A U
            E D I T I E D   B Y   T R I C I A   V A N   N U S
                                       I S S U E   4 9                                  J A N U A R Y   2 0 1 8
             OF INTEREST:
           •  All of it!                Congratulations to Rod Sampson on his
                                        receipt of the Shooting Australia

                                        Fellowship Award.

                                        This award is in recognition of the
                                        recipient’s long standing, and continuing
              I N S I D E   T H I S   I S S U E :
                                        service to sport.
            AWARDS             1
                                        Those from TRA who have been previously
            ACGA TEAM          2        awarded this honour include:
                                        Aado Maranik 2005,  Tricia Van Nus 2014,
            TRA BOARD          2-3      Dennis Claxton 2015 and Nick Sullivan 2015.

            POSTALS            4
                                        And more from the AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE
            SA PARTICIPATION   6-9                             Pistol shooter Chris Pitt and TRA’s Anton
                                                               Zappelli were awarded joint IPC Shooters of
            BENCHREST          10                              the Year.

            TRV PENANT         11
                                                               Seen here with coach Miro Sipek
            MENTALLY READY     12-13
                                                               And Junior Rifle
            NEW MEMBERS        14-15                           Athlete of the
                                                               Year was Alex
            RHYTHM /REATHING   16-17
                                                               Hoberg with
                                                               coach Petr Kurkr.
            TECH PATHWAYS      18

            TRA  NATIONALS     20-25    Also pleasing to see pistol’s  Sharon
                                        Reynolds be awarded the Official of the
            BASSHAM NEWS       26-27
                                        Year.  Many rifle shooters know Sharon
                                        and the work she does—congratulations
            TRACE 10           28
                                        to everyone.

            DISABLE SPORT      29
                                        Some of the TRA shooters at the awards
            BASSHAM            30-31    evening...
            TRA PATHWAY        32-33

            SIGHTING GENIUS    35

            LAST BITZ          36-37
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