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                                              WHAT TO BUY

                                           FOR BENCHREST

          2018 may be the year when you decide to start shooting Bench-rest.  Remember that
          many of the concepts from prone shooting still apply—good technique and trigger
          release, breathing and rhythm, as well as building a solid body position behind the rifle,
          and the list goes on.

          One of the major differences will be adjusting to the concept of sitting down, and looking
          through a telescopic sight to sight your target.  I can guarantee that looking through a
          scope seems simple, however there is far more to it—head/eye position is crucial.

          What else will you need—of course a good rifle that allows a scope to be mounted.

          Then there is the matter of the front support bench.  There are many to choose from,
          and I’ve shown a few here… prices are approximate, and do not include any freight.

                 $85                   $170                  $1195                       $200
          You can spend serious money on a bench stand, or start with the sub $200 versions.

                           A bag at the butt end of the rifle is also need, although they seem to be
                           more reasonable in price at approximately $200 or less.

                           The next expense is a scope, and again, the prices
                           range from $250-$3000 or more.

          Best advice—

          Where to find all the goodies needed—try these websites.
                                                                                        Warren Potent
                                                                                     2014 World Champion
                                                                                  2014 Commonwealth Champion
                                                                                Warren uses Eley Tenex Ammunition

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