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          The shooters whose names are being sent to the ACGA are listed below.

          After a long series of competition,  these shooters have been endorsed by
          Shooting Australia, and now await the formal notification.  Congratulations

          shooters and coaches.

          ITEMS OF NOTE:
                                                Education Officer Proposal
            Mr Rod Sampson (RS)                 EO circulated and tabled a proposal for the
            Mr Nick Sullivan (NS)
            Mr Glenn Braybon (GB)               appointment of a National Education Officer with a
            Mr Jim Brown (JB)                   workable budget and stipend to be responsible for the
            Mrs Yvonne Hill (YH)                coordination of education of officials and coaches.
            Mr Richard Toye Executive Officer (EO)

             Mr Anton Wurfel (AW) - Apology     The Board considered the proposal at length and
                                                has opted to not take any further action
             concerning the matter at this time.

             Request for Assistance – Adelaide Small Bore Rifle Club Inc.
             EO circulated and tabled a request for assistance from the Adelaide Small Bore Rifle
             Club requesting assistance from TRA Ltd. for the construction of a new bridge to access
             their 50m facility, replacing a bridge damaged by flooding in 2016. The estimated cost of
             construction is $157,000.

             Directors considered the request and agreed to provide advice and assistance in areas
             including project coordination and grant applications. However TRA Ltd is unable to
             provide any financial assistance at this time.

             Directors suggested that the club liaise with Target Rifle South Australia to formulate a
             plan of action for the project that comprises input and assistance from all stakeholders.

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