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           Proposal to institute a TRA Certificate Award for Clubs for Safety
           EO circulated and tabled a proposal for TRA to institute a Certificate Award to clubs for
           safety.  Directors discussed the proposal at some length. The general consensus among
           directors was that the issue of safety certificates falls outside the scope and guidelines of
           TRA Ltd.’s management practices.

           TRA Ltd Constitution and Committee Structure Review
           NS circulated and tabled a final draft of the proposed amendments to the TRA Ltd
           Constitution.  EO advised that under the existing constitution a general meeting needed to be
           held in order for any changes to the constitution to be endorsed by member bodies. If this is to
                           before the 2018 AGM, then the General Meeting must be held NO LATER than
           2nd March 2018.

           EO suggested that the general meeting be held via audio conference on 24/02/2018. As 60
           days’ notice must be given to Member Bodies to consider any changes to the constitution, the
           deadline for notification to member bodies would be 22/12/2017 to ensure compliance with
           ASIC regulations.

           Directors resolved to proceed with notification to Member Bodies as per the
           recommendations of the EO soon as practically possible. Directors will contact Presidents of
           Member Bodies to liaise on this matter further.

           As some of the proposed amendments to the constitution affect committees, the ongoing
           review and restructure of TRA Ltd committees has been put on hold until the outcome of
           the general meeting has been finalised.

           2018 National Championships
           RS advised that some changes have been made to the program as a result of recent rule
           changes announced by the ISSF that will take effect as of 1st January, 2018.

           Directors resolved to accept the changes to the program and advise member bodies once
           online entry procedures are finalised.

           Slazenger Match Rules and Conditions
           EO tabled draft rules and conditions for the Slazenger Challenge Shield between Australia
           and New Zealand each year formulated in conjunction with TSNZ

           Directors resolved to endorse rules as tabled for use for 2018 and beyond and that the rules
           be included in the TRA National Championships Manual and removed from the TRA
           Supplementary Rules.

           Funding for Athletes Selected in 2017 Oceania Teams:
           EO reported that he had liaised with Shooting Australia to ensure that members of teams had
           been notified of TRA Ltd.’s funding contribution offer. This was done via email from Shooting
           Australia at the time that final team documentation was distributed.

           RS also reported that the majority of reimbursements had been made and to date 5 x athletes
           have not responded who may have incurred some costs.
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