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                                          PARTICIPATION ACTION GROUP


                                          After an independent Governance Review and a long
                                          period of consultation with the leaders of the sport of
                                          Shooting, there was overwhelming support for developing a

                                          Whole of Sport Participation Plan that could contribute to
              the promotion of the sport and assist clubs at a grass root level.

              A National Come & Try Day has been one of the significant ideas to come from this

              planning and consultation, and as such became the primary focus of the
              Participation Plan’s first year.

              Why A National Come And Try?

              Throughout the consultation process, one thing that became clear was that there
              was a longing to show the broader community just how great our sport is. If they
              had the opportunity to come and try it in a safe and welcoming environment, if they

              just gave it a go! They would gain a better understanding of us and the sport we

              That’s what the National Come & Try Day’s main focus is; a national effort to

              change the way the public think, see and interact with our sport and the people
              involved with our sport.

              The National Come & Try Day would also create a number of other benefits; shift

              the public perception, portray the sport of shooting nationally in the right manner,
              increase the promotion and positioning of our sport, create an opportunity for the

              sport to work together, expose more people to our great sport, potentially
              increase membership numbers, raise awareness about safe handling of firearms and
              overall increase in a positive manner the growth and sustainability of our sport.

              The Next Step

              In order to deliver a successful national Come And Try Day we are putting together
              an action group of like-minded people who are interested in being champions of

              this project and leading our sport through this exciting project. This Action Group
              would also help the sport of shooting ensure that the other outcomes in the
              Participation Plan around resources, club support, promotion, coaching and official

              development all progress.

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