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            Participants indicated that fundraising is still high on the group’s agenda and it was agreed
            that this was an area that the group could pursue.  NS indicated to the meeting that the
            best approach for the group was to liaise with TRA Ltd Member Bodies to facilitate
            greater integration of the discipline into State organisations and subsequently into the
            TRA National organisation.

            There is to be no change to the selection policy for the 2019 World Championships
            however a new selection policy will be developed for future events and published through
                               networks. NS will continue to liaise with the RBA discipline group to
            progress this matter further.

          Report from Shooting Australia Annual General Meeting and Members Forum
            The Members Forum following the meeting went for 1hr 45min instead of the 1hr
            originally allocated. Shooting Australia Board Member Catherine Clark spoke about
            government support and noted that there were 160 sports vying for this support.
            Bruce Scott spoke about participation across all disciplines.

            Catherine Fettell commented on the events that were being replaced in the Olympic
            Shooting Program and the effect on their inclusion at World Cups and Championships.

          TRA Website
           NS reported that the updated TRA Ltd. Website went live on (4/10/2017). The website
           was updated to be more compatible with mobile devices approximately 1 month ago.
           Further technical updates are being made to ensure security is maintained at appropriate
           levels. EO suggested that there should be a paragraph or section displayed prominently on
           the website indicating how to join TRA Ltd through their local club and State Association
           as he had received a number of queries from individuals regarding this. NS will liaise with
           Corner Stone Web Systems on this matter.

          TRA Membership:
           Directors discussed means of increasing TRA Ltd. Membership. Highlighting the benefits of
           TRA membership is extremely important and examples such as the article in the September
           2017 edition of the TRA E-magazine written by Tricia Van Nus and inclusion of these benefits
           in the starter pack for new members were seen as ways this may be achieved.

           Next meeting will be held in March 2018


          Please let TRA know ASAP.

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