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                Performance Grants to Anton Zappelli and Glen McMurtrie
                EO highlighted the recent results by Anton Zappelli and Glen Mc Murtrie at the WSPS
                World Cup in Bangkok in September. Anton won a Silver Medal in one event and
                achieved a 4th placing in a second event while Glen finished in 7th place in his first
                WSPS World Cup Final.  YH moved that both athletes receive performance grants for
                their efforts at the event. Seconded by JB Carried 5-0

                Australian Supplementary Rules Revision
                GB reported that A. Maranik has commenced on redrafting document into separate
                individual documents specific to disciplines and is awaiting outcome from bench rest
                committee recommendations. GB will continue to liaise with A. Maranik on this

                Endorsement of TRA Ltd. Range Officer Course and documentation
                GB reported that the Technical Committee met in Brisbane during the OSA / CSF
                Shooting Championships and endorsed the TRA Ltd. Range Officer Course.

                GB advised that the Shooting Australia officiating course now replaces the National
                Officials Program second level course.

                Pre-A4G Squad and Program
                NS contacted Carrie Quigley and requested that TRA Ltd be provided with a report
                and a budget concerning the program. To date no further documentation has been
                received. NS will follow up on this matter with Carrie.

                Endorsement of Starter Pack document for publication.
                EO tabled a final draft of the starter pack document that has been developed over the
                last 3 years and requested that the Board endorse the document for publication. YH
                commented that there appears to be a too heavier emphasis on prone and that more
                emphasis should be placed on air rifle. Directors resolved that YH review the
                documentation and provide recommendations concerning any changes to the
                document to the EO prior to the next meeting.

                JB suggested that TRA Ltd. liaise with SISC / NSWSARAI and Shooting Australia to
                promote and develop the sport through NSW schools (in particular GPS Schools)
                during the ISSF Junior World Cup. JB will liaise with NSWSARAI and SISC on this

                Report from meeting held at TRA – RBA National Championships
                NS tabled a report concerning the meeting of participants at the 2017 TRA – RBA
                National Championships at MISC on 24/11/2017.

                Discussions centred on national team selection and hinged on number and that the
                team should not be selected by the TRA Ltd. Board. The preferred option for RBA
                participants is to send 18 people to major international events. NS indicated that TRA
                Ltd. would prefer that team selections be made by a selection committee and ratified
                or endorsed by the TRA Ltd Board.

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