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Competency Statements and Performance Measures for Club Coaches

The following performance measures will be required when assessing candidate coaches.

CompetencyPerformance Measure
SafetyDemonstrate safe firearms practices
Teach athletes to shoot in a safe manner– Demonstrate correct range procedures and commands
– Instruct athletes on firearm safety
– Assess and manage risks of coaching
– Act in accordance with the Coach Code of Conduct.
Demonstrate effective communication skills
– Demonstrate effective communication, listening and questioning skills
– Demonstrate inclusive strategies (gender, disability, age, skill level)
– Demonstrate communication skills involve parents, officials, and sports administrators
– Introduce athletes to the Athlete Pathway and provide appropriate support information.
Prepare and deliver coaching sessions for club athletes using a variety of presentation methods
– Prepare and deliver a training session to teach or confirm skills for athletes at the club level, demonstrating a variety of skills including
• Interactive approach
• Effective demonstration
• Effective questioning
– Include physical conditioning activities, stretching and physical preparation, in a training session (warm up and cool down), for a club level athlete.
– Cater for the social and physical development of the athlete.
Skill Development
Teach basic technical shooting skills
– Teach correct and current technical shooting skills and techniques.
– Provide a safe and positive learning environment. – – – Provide activities that are fun, inclusive and engaging for athletes.
Assessing Athletes
Undertake an assessment of a club level athlete and provide feedback
– Demonstrate an assessment of equipment for athletes including equipment that requires potential modification.
– Demonstrate athlete performance assessment and the use of appropriate feedback to athletes.
– Identify correct fundamental elements of shooting technique and be able to recommend improvements to aid development.
Undertake a review of coaching sessions and modify future sessions based on feedback
– Receive, discuss and respond to feedback on coaching performance from athletes and mentor coaches.
– Be able to verbally explain how to modify a session based on feedback from an athlete or mentor coach.
PRACTICAL ASSESSMENTThis will take place in conjunction with the Assessor/s, and usually at your home club.
The assessment is simply to show you, the coach in action.