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Technical Officials



TRA is excited to be providing part of the TRA Level 1 Range Official training online as a totally new approach, which we know will prove to be popular. 

The course is the first step of a smallbore rifle official’s development along the Officials’ Pathway, to become accredited Range Officers for the safe and enjoyable conduct of our ranges and competitions for members

1st level –  TRA  Level 1 Officiating – Range Officer
2nd level – TRA  Level 2 Officiating –Competition Official
3rd level –  Shooting Australia Technical Official Accreditation
4th level –  ISSF Judge Level B, and A

The officiating pathway is presented visually in the Coaching and Technical Officials Pathway document which can be downloaded here.

We invite you to start your journey towards the Level 1 accreditation in your own home and in your own time. Then attend a one day workshop where a Trained Presenter will help you to become a confident TRA  Level 1 Officiating – Range Officer

Course Target Group

Affiliated Members of TRA who are interested in becoming an official, and that includes Range Officers, are eligible to apply to complete this course. You will mostly work at club level, helping new members and visitors to become familiar with the rules of our sport, and be able to safely conduct club and training sessions on the range. Being able to work with confidence, knowing that you advising correctly, will give you confidence as well.

Enrolment pre-requisites

Participants must be a minimum of 18 years old and be registered and financial members of a Member Association affiliated to Target Rifle Australia Ltd, and consequently Shooting Australia,.

There are no specific physical requirements for completion of this program; however participants should have a personal fitness level that will enable them to physically complete the practical requirements of the course.

Online modules

Most of the Modules of this course syllabus, have some online component which must be completed prior to the practical Workshop. By working thru the “online” modules and tasks, each participant will investigate and research elements that are essential competencies at this level of officiating.

The Level 1 Official – Range Officer is someone who is capable, and willing to take more ownership of their personal development, and prepared to do so in their own time. Also understand that this personal development is an evolving and living process, a new process and a competency that will improve with experience and time.  2021 is the starting point with TRA new online learning.

There will be some work from most modules available online, but note that does necessarily mean that the module is totally finalised, as further references may be made during the workshop.  Completion of this online work will add great value during the workshop face-to-face activities that compare ideas, opinions and experiences.

M 1Course Introduction (incl course resources, Code of Conduct)  
M 2Legal Responsibilities & Risk Management (environment & OHS)  
M 3Range Conditions – Running Range Safely (inc. Safety Templates)  
M 4Managing People – Communication Skills & Conflict Resolution  
M 5Dealing with Conflict  
M 6Role of the Official  

Assessments and Accreditation

A Course Co-ordinator will only invite you to attend a workshop to complete the training to become an accredited Official, once all the online Modules and Workbook elements are completed and returned.

The workshop provides an excellent opportunity to meet with like-minded people, share information and learn from them. The workshop includes additional Workbook tasks that concentrate more on the sport specific Roles and Responsibilities of being a good official.

After the workshop an accredited Assessor will arrange a time and place for you to complete a practical assessment.  It is an opportunity to demonstrate an ability to be a range official.   -perhaps this can be arranged in line with a club competition.

The workbook tasks

To help ensure the required learning and understanding is gained, all short questions in each Workbook module should be completed and be ready to be discussed face to face.

It is important for each participant to firstly consider and formulate their own ideas and responses to these questions. 

The process in summary:

a) use the Registration form below to enrol in the course and send it to your State Technical Committee Chairperson, whose email is also listed below
b) download the Level1 MANUAL and the Level 1 WORKBOOK from the links below
c) save the Workbook to your computer – remember to save your work as you complete a module
d) you do not need to print these documents – they can be viewed/worked online
e) the Workbook has spaces for your online written answers
f)  read through the modules and complete the Workbook Tasks for each Module
g) return the completed Workbook to your State Technical Committee Chair
h) attend a weekend Workshop
i) successfully complete the required assessment tasks throughout the Workshop
j) successfully complete the assessment of your practical officiating
k) your accreditation is recommended by Course Co-ordinator to your State Association
k) accreditation is endorsed by your State and then forwarded to TRA

Please note:  you will need a pdf reader on your computer to access the course documents.  For example  Adobe Acrobat Reader, Nitro Reader, your Web Browser probably has a pdf reader included as well




STATE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE CONTACTS for the return of the registration form and the completed Workbook



Enjoy this exciting new learning concept, and remember that your feedback is most welcome.