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Smallbore and Air Rifle shooting is also enjoyed by disabled shooters and is called Para-shooting. Shooters are classified according to their level of disability. Target Rifle Australia is committed to ensuring that people with a disability are encouraged to participate at the highest level.

Para-shooting rules are governed by World Shooting Para Sport (WSPS). There are two categories of WSPS shooting – SH1 which is basically those who have lost the use of the lower limbs, and SH2 which is loss of both upper and lower limb control.

The rifles used are the same as those used by able-bodied shooters. Allowances are then made with regard to extra equipment needed to enable shooters to compete. For example a flexible stand for SH2 shooters.

Here is a para-shooting summary from Paralympics Australia

Paralympic events shot by disabled shooters are 50 metre Prone and 50 metre 3 Position (.22 rim-fire) and 10 metre Prone and 10 metre Standing air-rifle (.177 calibre).

We have a number of para-shooters in Australia who have achieved great success internationally. This success includes Libby Kosmala, a 12-time paralympian and multiple gold medal winner.

Although not a Paralympic event, there is also shooting for the vision impaired. Target shooting for the vision impaired uses normal shooting equipment with a special electronic audio aiming device fitted. The aiming device detects the point of aim of the gun relative to the target and provides the shooter through headphones different tones indicating the point of aim. More information on Shooting for the vision impaired can be found at Blind Sports Australia.