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Sport for All

Sport For All

Sport for All is a movement promoting the Olympic ideal that sport is a human right for all individuals regardless of race, social class and gender. Sport for All encourages all people to live the Olympic Movement’s values by practicing sports activities that give them regular exercise and the health and social benefits that come from sports participation.

The International Olympic Committee established a Sport for All Commission and actively encourages all its International Federations to develop and promote sport for all activities within the sport that they govern.

The ISSF adopted a Shooting Sport for All program to encourage its’ National Federation members to promote shooting events and disciplines that are especially suited for widespread grassroots participation. ISSF Shooting Sport for All events are characterized by being accessible, affordable and suitable for all genders and ages.


ISSF Shooting Sport for All events now include ISSF Target Sprint, Three-Position Air Rifle Sport (for Juniors) and Supported Rest Shooting (for Seniors). ISSF Supported Rest Shooting is an ISSF Shooting Sport for Senior Age- Group Competitors in Rifle. Supported Rest Shooting provides the opportunity for senior age-group individuals to take part in the sport of Shooting when the conventional, unsupported disciplines become less attractive than having a means of supporting the weight of the rifle during a course of fire.

Rifle competitions can be organised on 10m indoor ranges using 4.5 mm air rifles, or on 50m ranges using 5.6 mm rimfire rifles.  Competitions take place on existing 10m and 50m ranges, using the same targets that are used in unsupported competitions. Apart from the supporting rest that is used, existing equipment and ranges can be used for this discipline. Indoor 15m ranges may also be used for 5.6 mm rimfire rifles.

How to Use these ISSF Supported Rest Shooting Rules National Shooting Federations and their affiliated sports organizations are encouraged to use these rules as they are presented in this document. Organizations that organize Supported Rest Shooting events may, however, adapt these rules to local circumstances in order to encourage as many people as possible of all ages and sexes to participate.

In Supported Rest Shooting the fore-end of the rifle is supported on a rest to give additional stability to the rifle. The use of a rest also makes it possible for new shooters to learn the skills needed to compete more quickly. Supported Rest Shooting is an ISSF Sport for All discipline that was first developed by the German Shooting Federation as a shooting sports activity for Seniors. There are age groups for 56-65, 66-71 and 72 and older. The first two age groups shoot from a standing position while resting the rifle