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Smallbore and Air Rifle shooting are Olympic sports enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the world. Neither age, gender nor disability are deciding factors in success in this sport as Smallbore and Air Rifle shooting are also enjoyed by many athletes with a disability.

Smallbore and Air Rifle shooting is very much an individual sport. It is possible to take up rifle shooting as a child (usually 12+ due to state regulations) and continue competing at high level well beyond middle age. As in all other sports, competition is the soul of the activity, and the excitement of big championships or of small tournaments provokes fun and ambition in equal measures.

Many Australian Smallbore and Air Rifle athletes have achieved international success at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships and World Cup events while many more have found shooting to be a safe, fun and social sport to be enjoyed by the whole family.

So whether you are shooting at 10m, 20m, 50m, Bench Rest, 3P or Air Rifle, you are engaging in a life-long sport. How far you take your own personal journey is entirely up to you.

Can all the family participate?
Of course – as the sport is not determined by individual strength, there are varying sized rifles to suit all shapes and sizes. Physical disability is no problem. All the family members over the age of 12 years can participate and enjoy the challenge (subject to State Legislation).

Am I too old to start a new sport?
Of course not: The Veterans category is as hotly contested as the Juniors in most competitions.

Do I have to purchase equipment straight away?
No – most clubs have equipment that you may use while you are developing your skills and coaches are available to help you. The club officers will teach you about safety with rifles and be there to assist in all club meets.

What about owning a rifle?
All State Firearms Legislations vary and it is essential to become familiar with your local requirements prior to considering the purchase of a rifle. Contact your state police’s firearms branch about your state regulations.

Is it a safe sport?
Club shooting always takes place under the watchful eye of a qualified Range Official. All new members are coached individually in range safety procedures and firearm proficiency until they are considered competent. Our clubs have very high safety standards, and safe firearms handling becomes a habit for every member.

Shooting sports have a very low risk of injury, especially if you practice a good stretching routine.

How do I start?
By contacting your closest club and visiting to see what the sport is all about. There are clubs in both metropolitan and country areas.

Whether you are interested in the sport purely as a social activity or whether you want to meet all the challenges and pursue a goal to represent your state or country, Smallbore and Air Rifle Shooting has something for you.

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