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Once the online Modules, and Quiz elements have been completed and returned, you will then be invited to participate in a weekend workshop to further develop your skills to become an accredited Coach.

The workshop provides an excellent opportunity to meet with like minded coaches, share information and learn from them – how they approach their coaching, and what tricks they may have that will be beneficial to your coaching.

The workshop concentrates more on the sport specific elements of good coaching and includes more Workbook tasks.

Once past that weekend, you will be asked to arrange a time and place for the practical assessment with an accredited Assessor – “show what you can do”

While previously the course may have been solely the writing in the workbook, or completion of written assignment/s as the key element – this is no longer relevant.
Today’s coaching is more “demonstrate your skills in the field, with athletes” over being able to write something down.

In summary:
a)  enroll in the course
b)  successfully complete the online modules
c)  attend a weekend workshop
d)  successfully complete the required assessment pieces
e)  successfully complete the assessment of your practical coaching
f)  accreditation is then endorsed by TRA and the details entered with Shooting Australia

The timeframe for these courses often varies, and can take up to 6 months – there is no need to rush anything. Please note that there is no physical barrier to being a good coach. Take your time and be confident in what you do.