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Before you embark on these modules, it is wise to note the Competency Statements of the course, as this provides a clear view of where you are heading.


CompetencyPerformance Measures
Maintain a safe environment for athletes, officials and coaches
Demonstrate safe firearms practices.
Demonstrate correct range procedures and commands.
Act in accordance with the Coach code of Conduct.
Assess and manage the risks of coaching at a State level.
Communicate effectively with a range of people at club and State level
Provide encouragement to athletes.
Demonstrate effective listening and questioning skills.
Ensure that athletes are aware of the Athlete Pathway and provide support in navigating their way through this.
Provide mentoring opportunities, support and education to club coaches and club instructors
Assist club level coaches with coaching / athlete related matters.
Participate in conducting coach education programs.
Become an accredited Presenter/Assessor and assess Club Coaches for re-accreditation.
Seek feedback from peers regarding coaching performance,
Devise, implement and evaluate appropriate training and competition programs for State level and T (Talent) level athletes as noted in the SA Athlete Pathway document. 
Create and deliver an individual training plan for specific athletes that prepares them for National level competition.
Be able to plan for small group activities, such as a training camp / day.
Notify athletes of relevant competitions and dates/locations.
Vary the approach, to cater for individual difference – including gender, generation, development, maturation, training background, ability/disability and cultural and religious background.
Continue development of the shooting skills and techniques for athletes moving from the F (Foundation) Levels into the T (Talent) Levels as noted in the SA Athlete Pathway document.               
Conduct shooting/training sessions to teach shooting skills and techniques at State level using a variety of presentation methods including:
o interactive workshops
o  facilitating discussion
o  case studies
o  role plays
o  demonstration
o  use of effective questioning.
Conduct coaching sessions which assist athletes to improve their mental preparation and problem solving skills.
Demonstrate the use of a range of coaching related technical resources with State level athletes, including:
o    video and camera
o    Scatt or other electronic trainers
o    Internet for data collection, analysis and training logs
o    heart rate monitors
o    handouts
o    correct technical variations in shooting
o    positional variations in shooting
o    physical aspects of shooting
o    tactical skills associated with shooting
o    advanced ammunition testing
o    advanced testing of firearms
Provide a safe, positive and challenging learning environment for athletes.
Undertake an assessment of State and T level athletes as noted in the SA Athlete Pathway document, and provide effective feedback
Assess the readiness of all equipment for State level competition.
Assess performance of State / T level Pathway athletes including
o    technical skill
o    tactical approach to competition
o    score standard
Facilitate feedback to athletes including actions to assist improvement
Be open to improving coach practice through a variety of means
Receive, discuss and respond to feedback on coaching performance from athletes, peers and mentors.
Modify sessions (if required) based on feedback from athletes and others.