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The Shooting Australia (SA) Competition Coach course, as delivered by TRA endorsed Presenters, is the third level of endorsed and accredited coach education.

1st level – TRA Club Instructor
2nd level – SA/TRA Club Coach
3rd level – SA/TRA Competition Coach
4th level – SA/TRA Advanced Coach

As an accredited Club Coach, we invite you to extend your knowledge to the Competition Coach area.

The move to an online learning component is a totally new approach, and one that we hope will prove popular.

Duration of this training program

The duration of the SA Competition Coach training program is approximately 10 hours, ie a fairly full weekend workshop, plus this online component, and practical coach assessment/s usually completed post course.

Course Target Group

Coaches who have completed the Club Coach course, and wish to progress along the Coaching Pathway are eligible to apply to complete this course. These coaches are working with athletes at State or “T” level of the Shooting Australia Athlete Pathway. These active coaches are wanting to further their knowledge of coaching and assist those shooters who wish to progress to State and National level.

Enrolment pre-requisites

Participants need to be accredited, and current SA/TRA Club Coaches as a pre-requisite for undertaking this level of coaching accreditation and have at least 12 months practical experience as an active, accredited Club Coach.  To become a SA/TRA Competition Coach, participants need to complete the SA/TRA Competition Coach program and be assessed against the performance criteria (Competencies).

Participants must be registered and financial members of the appropriate Member Association affiliated to Target Rifle Australia Ltd, and consequently Shooting Australia, and be a minimum of 18 years old.

There are no specific physical requirements for completion of this program; however participants should have a personal fitness level that will enable them to physically complete the practical requirements of the course.

Online modules

You will note that not all modules of the course are able to be completed online.  There is great value in meeting face-to-face to compare ideas, opinions and experiences.

You will be asked to read, consider and possibly research further information, with guiding questions at the end of each online module.

Shooting Australia Pathway

The Shooting Australia Pathway document is referred within the course, and a copy is enclosed here – PATHWAY V3. and the COACHING FRAMEWORK


If you’d like to enrol in the Competition Coach Course please fill in the below form and you will be contacted to confirm the details.