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Welcome to the TRA Club Coach online course material.

We invite you to start your journey towards the Club Coach accreditation. When you have read the information in the module, you will be directed to a short Quiz on that topic. Some answers will require a short paragraph and others will be simple selections.

Take you time and enjoy the process.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Once you have completed the relevant Quiz, it may give you a “score” that frightens you – do not be alarmed, the “score” is only for the completed “short select” answers in the Quiz.
Answers where you have to write a few sentences are not included in this result, and are reviewed separately. Some Quizzes are only in this format, and you may see a zero result – please do not panic – all is well.

HINT: if you wish to go back to the module material for reference, please open the material in another tab in your browser (TRA/Participation/Coach Education/Club Coach) – yes you can log in twice. You cannot go back to the course material and then back to the Quiz – it will delete the answers that you have already put in!