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TRA Online Competition Series 2022

TRA will trial a new National Online Individual and State Teams competition series in 2022.

Registration and scoring can be entered at

  1. Disciplines

The following disciplines will available.  Electronic or paper targets can be used. Note, except for 3P, scores shot on electronic targets will not be eligible for entry into the Integer competition.  (The reason for this having to change targets every 10/20 and/or using a spotting scope is not the same as shooting 60 shots straight on electronics)

DisciplineDecimal (Electronic Targets Only)Integer (Paper Targets Only)
10m Air RifleXX
10m Prone Rifle R5XX
10m Supported Air Rifle (60 Shots)XX
50m ProneXX
50m TRA BenchrestXX
DisciplineInteger Paper or Electronic
50m 3P (3x40)X

2. Competition Dates

Air Rifle, Prone, Benchrest Events

126 Mar 202227 Mar 2022
228 May 202229 May 2022
330 Jul 202231 Jul 2022
424 Sep 202225 Sep 2022
526 Nov 202227 Nov 2022

3 Position Matches

112 Mar 202213 Mar 2022
214 May 202215 May 2022
39 Jul 202210 Jul 2022
410 Sep 202211 Sep 2022
512 Nov 202213 Nov 2022

3. ISSF and TRA Supplementary Rules apply.

4. Each rounds matches must be shot on the weekend detailed above.

5. Each site where athletes are competing must have a non-shooting official to supervise the event and certify the results.

6. Results must be entered into the system at The scoring sheet will be open for input from 10:00 on the Saturday until 21:00 on the Sunday of the competition weekend. After this window closes scores will be immediately available. All time are AEST/AEDT.

7. Targets and score sheets must be retained until the competition is complete. All targets and score print outs must have the shooters name, signature, and date shot written on them.

8. Random check of targets or score printouts may be undertaken during the course of the competition.

9. Matches can be shot using either electronic or paper targets. Entrants must choose one or the other when registering to compete.

10. There is no entry fee for this competition.  However, local fees may be payable.  This will be dependent on where each athlete is shooting. 

11. Awards


There will be 3 individual categories in each discipline:

  • Open (including men, women, WSPS)
  • Junior under 21 (including men, women, WSPS as per ISSF rules)
  • Junior under 18 (including men, women, WSPS as per ISSF rules)

Individuals results for the series will be the sum of their top 3 scores throughout the series.

Junior age eligibility will be determined as per ISSF Rules 7.4.12 & 7.4.13. For this competition that means their age as 12 Mar 2022 (the first day of competition).

State Teams:

This will be based on the sum of the best 3 scores (as per the individual competition) for the top 3 athletes from each State.

11. Notes

TRA acknowledges that the requirements will preclude or make it difficult for some locations/athletes to compete in every round.  However, with only 3 scores needed to register a result, hopefully most people can make it to at least the 3 events at their closest suitable range throughout the year.

12. Any questions can be emailed to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

Author: TRA