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WRABF 2023 World Championships Pilsen day 6

After a few days off and training between competitions our team competed in Rimfire International Sporter.
Our top result was from our junior Cameron Frost (AUS C) who placed 10th in the individual event and 1st in the junior category with 743.41.

Sonia Frost (AUS A) placed 17th with 739.33.
Stefan Smith (AUS A) placed 22nd with 738.34.
Paul Sullivan (AUS A) placed 34th with 736.29.
David Keen (AUS C) placed 41st with 734.19.
Glenn Seaman (AUS B) placed 42nd with 732.37.
Tyrone Thompson (AUS B) placed 45th with 731.32.
Annette Rowe (AUS B) placed 49th with 731.24.
Kai Matczak (AUS C) placed 69th with 722.26.

The team results haven’t been posted yet, but make sure to check for updates.

Congratulations to our Aussies!

Jack Rossiter
Author: Jack Rossiter