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Warren Potent Prone Interstate Postal Round 4

Round 4 results are out now for the Warren Potent Prone Interstate Prone Competition.

Team NSW consisting of Warren Potent, Michael Brown, David Wright, David Clifton and Trevor Johnson (2924) had a victory over team WA consisting of Terry Mangan, Owen Oliver, Coral Walters, Michael Hooley and Roy Shiers (2830).

Team VIC consisting of Sean Finn, John Hopkins, Mike Jarrad, Benjamin Holko and Chris Lott (2923) had a victory over team TAS consisting of Michael Poole, Robert Scott, Nick Scott, Colin Strochnetter and Graham Glanville (2877).

Team SA consisting of Andrew Sevelj, Jack Rossiter, Joel Beattie, Shane Bland and Kim Lang had the highest total score this round (2932) and a victory over team QLD consisting of Dane Sampson, Steve Zunker, Simon Cane, Tim Boase and Ray Mortimer (2921).

Team NSW is still ahead in the team & aggregate rankings with 12 points closely followed by SA with 10.

Dane Sampson and Andrew Sevelj had the highest scores of this round with 593. Andrew Sevelj is still far and away in the lead with an aggregate average of 594 from the 4 rounds with Warren Potent in second with 589.75.

Click here for the full online PDF of round 4.

Good luck for round 5!

Jack Rossiter
Author: Jack Rossiter