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Warren Potent Prone Interstate Postal Round 5

Round 5 results are out now for the Warren Potent Prone Interstate Prone Competition.

Pairing 1:
Team New South Wales consisting of David Wright, Susie Smith, Warren Potent, David Clifton and Michael Brown scored a total of 2922 in their match against Tasmania consisting of Marcus Poole, Michael Poole, Nic Scott, Graham Glanville and Kerry Flood with a total of 2828.

Pairing 2:
Team South Australia consisting of Andrew Sevelj, Peter Eyers, Joel Beattie, Jack Rossiter and Shane Bland scored a total of 2932 in their victory against team Victoria consisting of James Daly, Mike Jarrad, Chris Lott, Sean Finn and John Hopkins with a total of 2915.

Pairing 3:
Team Queensland consisting of Tim Boase, Ray Mortimer, Steve Zunker, James Cane and Emily Cane scored a total of 2892 in their victory against team West Australia consisting of Coral Walters, Terry Mangan, Owen Oliver, Terry Gordon and Michael Hooley with a total of 2840.

The total list of the round 5 scores can be found here:

These results conclude the Warren Potent Prone Interstate Postal competition with team New South Wales winning the series with 15 points and a sweep of victories. South Australia finished two points behind in second place and Victoria finished two points behind them to finish in third place.

SA’s Andrew Sevelj won the individual aggregate results with a total of 593.6, followed by Warren Potent (NSW) with 589 and Michael Jarrad (VIC) with 587.

Congratulations to everybody who competed and we look forward to seeing the same level of competition again next year.

Jack Rossiter
Author: Jack Rossiter