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Oceanian Championships Day 4

On the last day of the championship team AUS competed in the 50m Prone event. This event similar to the 10m Air Rifle Mixed event had no quota places for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games on offer, but it was still an Oceania Championships event.

The conditions looked promising in the morning with the first sign of calm conditions for the week.

In the men’s event AUS 1 (Dane Sampson, Andrew Sevelj & David Wright) claimed the gold medal ahead of AUS 2 (Shane Bland, Jack Rossiter & Stephen Zunker) with NZL 1 placing third. Dane Sampson won the Individual event ahead of his teammates Andrew Sevelj & David Wright.

In the women’s event AUS 1 (Charlotte Bland, Emily Cane & Olivia Cartwright) won the gold medal ahead of NZL 1. Shania Harrison-Lee won the individual event ahead of Olivia Cartwright and Emily Cane.

The Open Championship saw Natalie Smith (AUS) win the gold ahead of Jack Rossiter (AUS 2) and Janet Hunt (NZL 2).

This event concluded the Oceanian Championships 2023 which proved a successful campaign for the Australian team.

Congratulations to the whole team and good luck for your upcoming competitions.

Jack Rossiter
Author: Jack Rossiter